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Ted Talk, Robots that Fly and Cooperate

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This 16:47 video includes many clips of quadracopters that have been posted here before, being talked about by a researcher from University of Pennsylvania researcher.  The final ‘music video’ clip, I have not seen before.

Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly … and cooperate

Thanks to Gina for pointing this Ted Talk out to me.


More online robotics courses

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These are being taught by one of the Standford professors that taught the machine learning course that I posted last fall, plus a prof from U of Virginia.


See Udacity or directly to CS 101 and CS 373

The robotic car course adds to the previous course, but the previous courses is not a requirement.  CS 373 assumes strong programming knowledge, but CS 101 does not need any previous programming background.

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I’ve been following the online AI class from Stanford.  Included in that was a video with descriptive commentary of the robot that won the DARPA challenge.  The video is also on youtube.  The ‘trick’ was to overlay very accurate but short range laser sensor data, with much less accurate but long range camera vision, to ‘infer’ what was further ahead than it could see with the lasers.


Navigating beyond the reach of GPS

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Found an article about some research to allow navigation / position detection where GPS does not work.  Bigger systems already use this technology, but the research is to develop it for use on small resource and battery life constrained devices, like cell phones.  That will also apply to small, mobile, indoor robotics projects.

Navigating beyond the reach of GPS