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Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics

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This is last years information, but I ran accros a reference, and do not remember seeing anything about it here. 40 minute video. Would be fun to have one of those PR2 robots to play with!

Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics

The talk mentioned being able to use ROS with Arduino, so I looking up this information:


Not enough to be able to build a complete bot running ROS on an Arduino, but enough to make it easy to use Arduino as part of a bigger system using ROS. A much more complete implementation will run on Andriod [in Java].

Data Communication using visible light

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I found this in my news feeds. An article about using visible light instead of, or to augment, short range wireless communication, with quite high [100 Mbit/s] bandwidth.

Data are traveling by light

If the power needed to drive the transmitter leds (and total amount of light) is in a reasonable range, this technique could be used to communicate with or between [mobile] robots. This looks like much the same concept as infra-red remote controls, but with considerably higher bandwidth. The visible light is more line of sight though. Any opaque object in the light path would block the signal. Some infra-red systems will ‘bounce’ signals off of surfaces to work ‘around’ direct obstructions.

For robot communications [mesh network], maybe more directional channels would work better [to reduce power requirements]. Use one or more leds in a curved reflector. Depending on the shape of the reflector used, that could limit the communications to a single ‘target’, or maybe only to [near] a single ‘plane’.