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micro 3D printer

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Getting closer to ‘desktop factory’ all the time.

Printing ‘small’ parts at high resolution.

The world’s smallest 3D printer

From the picture, it looks like that connects to a computer through a standard [old style] serial cable [not USB]

The video says he built if for about 1500 € [in parts?], at todays conversion, that would be just over $2000 Canadian. He said it has the capabilities of a 60000 € commercial printer [$81100] !!

Online design for printable 3D object

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From my news feeds.  Information about a website that allows [non-technical] users to design [and collaborate on] 3D objects.

No Technical Know-How Needed: Endless Forms Web Site Helps Users ‘Breed’ 3-D Printable Objects

Here is a direct link to the referenced Endless Forms web site as well.

I tried a quick test, and found its ‘evolution’ to be very slow.  I was trying to build a hex-a-pod, but could not even get a flat body to use as a base.  Seems to need a lot of patience.