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Currently an ASNT student at SAIT. My main focus is on C programming and integration with PIC microcontrollers.

Robot Games 2010

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What a blast! I hope you were all able to make it out this year!

I have submitted some clips to Discovery Channel for their PlanetYou segments. All videos will be available here:


More will be uploaded as I can convert them!

2010 Robot Games

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Well, we are 12 hours away from the 2010 Robot Games! The event will take place at the Calgary Aerospace Museum:

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I will be filming the event, so bring out your robots to make them famous!


The Robot Games Are Coming

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That’s right! The Robot Games are returning to the Western Canadian Robotics Society May 15th 2010! What will you be bringing to the competition this year?

With robots, it is always misleading as to the number of choices you have in your design, both electrically and physically. As Brutus has mentioned before, the ATMEL chips on an ARDUINO board are very popular amongst hobbyists as the core of their robot. My personal preference has been the PIC microcontrollers, made by MicroChip. What is your preference?