Robot “Fight Club”

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You have to love any group that builds robots to compete at something, anything. Without the competition, you just have someone’s hobby and even the mildest, blandest product is acceptable, because – well – what’s better and why? Have a ring and rules ala Thunderdome, (Two may enter, one may leave) and you have ambition and desire to climb the ranks.

From Robots Dreams:

The first rule of human “Fight Club” is “You don’t talk about Fight Club”. The first rule of Robot “Fight Club”, at least the way it’s played here, is “You must have as much fun as possible”.
On Wednesday, February 11, at a secret underground location, a group of friends and devoted robot fanatics gathered compete in one of the most exciting, surprising, and towards the end hilariously funny, Robot “Fight Club” sessions we’ve ever seen. The competition loosely follows the ‘Pro-Resu’ (Pro-Wrestling) format used by carbon based life forms, but any similarity to real life is purely accidental.

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