Robotgames up and running!

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Its been a long night, but sitting back and looking at the flow and feel, I am looking forward to this new website.

For those that read RSS feeds, the site has two different feeds for you. One is the standard new posts feed, and the second is for comments.

For those that have not yet discovered RSS reading, have a quick look at Google’s Reader.

This new site supports trackbacks, so other blog sites can include our posts into their sites and vice versa. You can also upload content inline without the need for an FTP client or programming knowledge, and choose how you want it displayed.

I hope everyone likes the new layout and format, and will get plenty of use of it.



4 thoughts on “Robotgames up and running!

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  2. BrutusNo Gravatar Post author

    The short answer is “yes”.

    It depends on what you mean by community. The WCRS category will be for all news posts that relate to the society itself. There is another category for Robotics which will be for any general robotics news. Categories are easily added if people feel I’ve missed one of value that should be there. Just let me know!

  3. BrutusNo Gravatar Post author

    We’ve revamped some of the categories and have now added a “Local Robotics” category. WordPress supports contributors so please register then send me a message if you would like to contribute local news.

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