2014 RobotGames

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Attention all Robot Makers!

This is your announcement for the 2014 Western Canadian Robot Games.

With over 20 years of games, we are always looking for new ways to engage the public, and bring together those of us who make robots and robotic creations.

It is with great excitement, that this year will mark our first year bringing the robot games to Calgary’s Maker Faire! This year’s Calgary Maker Faire is being held at the TELUS Spark Science Centre, and is filled even fuller with Maker delight this year.

The format of the games will change slightly as we now have two full days of robot and maker goodness available for us to share in.

WCRG will be running the 3 main events this year; Line Follower, Mini Sumo and the new Outdoor Challenge. WCRS will also be hosting a robot ‘Show ‘N Shine’ Sunday afternoon. Come and see the awesome creations Calgary Makers have to show off!

We also have other opportunities during Maker Faire; we will be hosting a BristleBot build to engage the public, and once again a ‘Learn to Solder’ station that will offer the public the chance to learn to solder for $2.

Competitors:  Dust off and tune up your creations. Register as a competitor for this year’s games and also enjoy free admission to Maker Faire! This year’s games are being sponsored in full, so you will have no fees for entry. You must, however, preregister to take advantage of this sponsorship. Please register here: http://makerfaireyyc.ca/robotgames

The benefits to participants is as follows:
Full Maker Credentials which includes free parking, free access to the Science Centre, free access to Maker Faire, access to the Maker lounge where free beverages and snacks are always available, and an invitation to the Friday night pre-event festivities.

Volunteers:  We do require volunteers to help us out this year, as usual.
We will need help in running the competitions, in running the ‘BristleBot’ and ‘Learn to Solder’ tables, as well as 2 volunteers to just generally help out. Sign up to volunteer here: http://www.makerfaireyyc.ca/volunteer/

All volunteers will receive a Maker Faire t-shirt, meals provided while volunteering, an extra Adult Day Pass to share with friends or family, and a pass for you and a guest to attend the exclusive Maker Meetup & Media Event happening on the Friday evening before Maker Faire.

There will still be prizes awarded to competitors in addition to everything else, so come out, have a great time, and go home with some swag!

We’ll be handing out some commemorative pieces that will award benefits to future games, so make sure to attend!!!

Once again, competitors, register here: http://makerfaireyyc.ca/robotgames
Volunteers, register here: http://www.makerfaireyyc.ca/volunteer/

Lets make this the best games ever, and set the bar even higher for next year!!

Line Follower Rules

Mini Sumo Rules

Outdoor Challenge Rules (New location however!)


Mark Martens

A message from the producers of Maker Faire:
This is a great opportunity for the Robot Games to get the exposure it deserves, and since we are expecting 5000+ visitors to Maker Faire this year we expect the Games will do very well.

Robotics has always been an important part of every Maker Faire globally, so opening up our event to include the games is a no-brainer. It’s simply good for everyone.

This is going to be a great Robot Games and we’re so excited to see what robots you choose to bring.
-Calgary Maker Faire

Maker Faire Logo

Happy New Year!!

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Now that holidays are over, its time to start getting back into what the WCRS is meant to do:


As we finalize the paperwork for 2013, we are looking forward to 2014 as a chance to get back to building, and mentoring others on building robots.


We are also getting ready for the 2014 robot games, and as such our first get-together is due.

We are going to meet up this Wednesday evening at Buffalo Wild Wings (Near Sunridge mall) at 7:00pm.

This is an open invite to all robot builders and tech geeks to come out and share and shape 2014 with the WCRS, and to take part in the planning and execution of this year’s games and other events the WCRS will be participating in.

We need lots of help and assistance to ensure our biggest and best year yet so come on out, enjoy some really good chicken wings, some awesome company, and all things robot!


Call for Maker Faire

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Hi everyone,

The WCRS has a table at this year’s Calgary Mini Maker Faire!

We are looking for a few people to assist, and to represent the WCRS and the WCRG.

We need commitment on volunteers to properly plan this; the day is filled with meeting the public and representing what we do best – ROBOTS!  Capacity for this year’s event is around 1500 people a day, and all attendees are people who have paid admission.

This year’s event is being held at ACAD

If you have an active robot that can withstand a few hours of demonstration, or have a fondness to talk and a cheery attitude, we need you!  We are looking to fill about 4 spots (2 per Day)

We also have an opportunity to host a “Learn to Solder” workshop if we can find extra volunteers to assist.  This is a great workshop and was received extremely well last year.  We would need roughly 2-3 People for this event per day to host and assist patrons.

The event is Saturday 10am-6pm (Sep 14th) and Sunday 10am-5pm (Sept 15th).

Volunteers will be reimbursed a per diem, up to $20 per day of volunteering, to cover parking and lunch expenses.  Please remember to keep your receipts!

Please email me ( hepatus AT gmail DOT com ) with what you can contribute with and/or for, and the final list will be compiled on Saturday Sep 7th.

Thanks everyone,

Mark Martens

–Robot Lover

Roomba Build Round 2 – Tomorrow (May 4th) morning at the Aero Space Museum

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Didn’t have time to come out to Protospace on Tuesday or want to make some further mods on your Roomba? Join us at the Aero Space Museum this Saturday morning (May 4th) at the regular Robot Society meeting for the second round of Roomba Hacking. For $40 you’ll get a Roomba, Arduino Pro Mini, 7-pin Din connector, a battery, and free competitor entry into the Robot Games on May 11th. Just get yourself to the museum tomorrow morning, let the front desk know you’re there for the Robot Society and you’ll get into the building without having to pay the entry fee. Spots are limited, reserve a spot by emailing info@robotgames.com. We’ll let you all know on Facebook and twitter once it fills up. If it doesn’t fill up, just show up on Saturday and it’ll be first come, first serve. And May the Fourth be with you!


Meet Joe Willis

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Described by Jay Ingram as the “most remarkable young maker” that he has EVER seen, we are proud to introduce Joe Willis: Beakerhead’s much adored and hyper-talented youth ambassador.


L: What are you making/ building these days?

J: I have so many projects on the go that I don’t know where to start. The list of completed projects is much, much shorter. When it came time to prepare for CYSF 2013 I sadly couldn’t include everything that I had prepared. It was tough to cut some things out. Even then my trifold board was barely visible behind all the stuff I wanted to exhibit. When I go to places like Western Canada Robot Society (WCRS) or the Botzone, I am like a pinball, bouncing around learning about what other people are up to and it all sounds good to me.

Roomba/OffRoadbot Build Night – Tonight (Apr. 30) at Protospace

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Come hack with us at Protospace’s Tuesday night Meet and Geek tonight and for the price of admission to the Robot Games ($40) you could find yourself going home with a robot ready for the May 11th competition! We’ll be doing 2 building sessions at the same time, some will be outfitting Roombas with a new battery, an Arduino, & Din connector to compete in a timed obstacle course and others will be re-purposing RC Trucks to compete in a no-holds-barred race across an outdoor landscape to make it from point A to B without getting stuck. Find Jim and Mark at Protospace to get you setup and ready to compete. And as a Bonus if you spend $40 (or more) tonight your entry fee to the robots games will be covered!


Mini Sumo / Minesweeper Practice – April 27th, 2013

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Dust off your mini sumos and come on down to the WCRS meeting tomorrow morning.  (Head down to Comic-Con afterwards)
We’ll pull out the mini sumo rings and do some practice rounds so that everyone can tune and have time to refine.

If you haven’t registered yet, register here:

If you register prior to May 10th, you’ll be in for the GoPro Hero3 draw!  This is only open to competitors, so you’ve got really great odds of winning.  GO NOW> REGISTER!

For you minesweepers out there, we’ll be on hand to discuss the event.  There are 2 parts to the event and if you approach the event properly, you’ll do fine.  Register and come on down!

*** Update ****

Solarbotics has donated a special “Bring Out Your Robots” prize pack for tomorrow.  For everyone that comes with their robot, we’ll put your name into a hat. At 12:00 noon, we’ll draw a name for the winner.

So what’s in the Prize pack?
2 Distance Sensors, a PIR sensor and a SolarSpeeder Kit!
Totaled up, that’s a prize worth about $75!!!
Solarbotics Prize Pack
Admittance to the Aerospace Museum is free for anyone that is coming for the WCRS between 10am and Noon.
If you know someone who is interested in robotics but hasn’t had the opportunity to get involved yet, bring them by!  We have 2 workshops left before the games that will result in a competition ready robot to keep!
There is also plenty of time to build various kits and get them ready to enter.  While the workshops are going on, we’ll be on-hand to support kit builds.

A couple of options for those not in the know:


See everyone tomorrow morning!